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We offer all the latest information on MP3/Music downloads, MP3 Players, IPods, Ringtones for all your wireless needs (Verizon, AT&T, Nokia, Nextel, Motorola, etc).

MP3 Downloads:

The world of MP3 and music files has changed a lot since the original MP3 sites dominated the Internet in the late 1990's and early 2000. We started this site as a way to help Internet users find useful links and sources for their favorite music downloads. As the web has changed, so has our site to accommodate the way you find music and downloadable MP3 files on the Net. The music industry was slow to understand (or accept) how the Internet would revolutionize the way music sales would evolve. At first, music files were available from a select few download services and the legal downloads were not of popular artists like Britney Spears, Madonna, U2, Metallica or Kenny Chesney but of independent artists who wanted to get their songs out there. The music industry (Geffen, Arista, RIAA) didn't want digital copies of their copyrighted songs on the Internet so they never released their huge libraries of songs so that people could download them. Then came the file sharing networks or music sharing networks like Napster, Kazaa, and Morpheus which allowed the free swapping of music songs from users on their network and the whole record industry was turned upside down. All of a sudden you could get almost any song ever recorded from these peer to peer networks and it was all free (not legal). The record industry lost $100's of millions of supposed revenue because of these peer to peer music sharing networks. College kids and teenagers now thought that music should be "free" to download and they did in record numbers. Eventually the RIAA brought lawsuits against some of these file sharing networks and tried shutting them down. Meanwhile the legal music downloading sites like eMusic, and several others were growing legitimate user bases that were actually paying for music downloads. As Napster was shutting down its website and file sharing network, Apple Computer was creating their iPods so that people could eventually download songs from their iTunes music download service.

Ringtones - Cell Phone Downloads:

The original cell phones didn't have special ringtones they could offer, so it wasn't until about 2004 when mobile phones started offering fun ringtones. The first cell phone ringtones weren't all that special, just various sounds that the phone played when someone was calling you. It seemed that everyone used the same ringtone on the early phones so when you were out in public, everyone looked at their phones when anyone of them rang. It was confusing and as the cell phone technology got better and the music download industry became more sophisticated, more and more ringtone styles were hitting the market for users to get on their cellular phones. Again the music industry was shying away from digitizing their copyrighted songs so that cell phone users could use them (see a common theme here) and the original ringtones were generic tunes that were really boring. Eventually the cell phone carriers - Cingular, Nextel, Spring, Verizon, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile were able to sign licensing deals with the large music companies so that they could offer music ringtones to all their customers. The cell phone manufacturers realized the money to be made in a potential billion dollar industry and started cranking out cell phones with more and more ringtone capabilities.

MP3 Players - iPods:

MP3 file formats dominated the Internet for years and small software writers created mp3 software players to play all the songs people were either downloading (mostly illegal) or ripping from their own CD collection for use on their computers. The MP3 software was easy to use and that's one reason the file sharing networks took off with such popularity since everyone was capable of "ripping" or copying songs from their CDs and giving others immediate access 24/7. Windows Media Player, Real Player, MusicMatch and lots of other MP3 Players came on market so that home computer users could listen to their favorite music while working or just browsing the web. People got bored and frustrated by only being able to use their newfound digital music files on their computers only. This spawned the portable MP3 player market and boy did this change the music industry again. Apple was in the right place at the right time once more and their iPod took control of the marketplace for portable players and sales skyrocketed. The Apple iPod topped the list of all Christmas "most wanted items" lists and now people could take their music files anywhere they went.


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